End of Winter

Even though I have been in the dog sledding / Aurora business since 2011, I still sometimes have to wrap my head around on how far we have come. I well remember those days when I was playing outside with cows, chickens and dogs at my grandparents farm in Switzerland, dreaming about going to the bear and the wolves one day. Alaska was the destination I have been dreaming about ever since I’ve seen the first pictures and read my first stories about that magical land. We mushed our dogs with thousands of guests from all over the world, shared laughs on the sleds and were able to communicate our passion about dog mushing and Northern Lights to our clients. Leasing my land from the Borough proved to be a winner yet again and watching our guests scream, cry, hug, dance, jump and just overall get overwhelmed with emotions from the comfort of our yurts put big smiles on all of us.

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Sara LeHoullier