End of Winter

Finally the snow has all melted and with that Old Man Winter has finally vanished from our property at Arctic Winter Adventures.

What an incredible winter it has been.

Even though I have been in the dog sledding / Aurora business since 2011, I still sometimes have to wrap my head around on how far we have come. I well remember those days when I was playing outside with cows, chickens and dogs at my grandparents farm in Switzerland, dreaming about going to the bear and the wolves one day. Alaska was the destination I have been dreaming about ever since I’ve seen the first pictures and read my first stories about that magical land. We mushed our dogs with thousands of guests from all over the world, shared laughs on the sleds and were able to communicate our passion about dog mushing and Northern Lights to our clients. Leasing my land from the Borough proved to be a winner yet again and watching our guests scream, cry, hug, dance, jump and just overall get overwhelmed with emotions from the comfort of our yurts put big smiles on all of us.

Thanks to my fabulous helpers I was able to race my dogs at 2 races this year. I was able to train hard and choose a solid squad for the Copper Basin 300 at which we placed 5th out of some 30 racers but unfortunately had to pull out the Yukon Quest 300 after only 150 miles due to some injuries of my dogs where I didn’t feel pushing ahead was the fair thing to do. We had a lot of fun being in the race circles again but to totally be 100% honest I don’t know if I want to pursue a race career again. I’m way to competitive to just run a race. If I enter a race I want to do as well as I can with the team that I have right there and then. Competing for a top slot takes unbelievable commitment and dedication and I have to say that competing to be the leading dog sledding / Aurora business in Fairbanks to me is just as much fun and I don’t know if I want to trade that in for dog racing quite yet.

Everybody is awaiting their helicopter ride up to the Denver Glacier

Everybody is awaiting their helicopter ride up to the Denver Glacier

Our dogs have been fantastic to work with, yet again. Mudslide gave birth to a big litter and thanks to all of our guests have developed into very social and people loving sled dogs. A must for doing tours and having people walk around my dog yard petting my furry athletes and having fun with them. One of the puppies (Turtle his name) was adopted by one of the guide of 1st Alaska Tours and is having a fantastic time with his new family. I always prefer giving dogs to people who have kids. Mostly that’s an environment that’s positive and fun for dogs to be in.

Feeding time on our way to Skagway and some of ours dogs summer home

Feeding time on our way to Skagway and some of ours dogs summer home

Another big project is planned for next winter and we will be super busy with that (No, I won’t reveal quite just yet what it will be) but I can promise that if everything goes according to plan it will be a mind blowing surprise. My guess is that everything should be built come October and as soon as everything is up and running I will post pictures of it.

Again, to all guests close and afar: Thank you so much for visiting and I hope we could make your dream come true. For everybody that will visit us this fall and winter get ready and hold on to your seat !!! Arctic Winter Adventures will try their best to make sure your visit will be in your memories for as long as you live.

Greetings from everybody here at AWA, especially the furry gang and my awesome crew.

Sara LeHoullier