Projects of Summer 2018

Not quite sure how it happened so quickly, but this morning was covered in frost in Fairbanks, indicating the end to summer and the grand entrance of winter. Since Alaska is known to have two seasons - winter and construction season - this summer was full of projects like normal. Huge thanks to all summer volunteers who helped out on the hill, ensuring that the start of Arctic Winter Adventures’ 2018-2019 went without a hitch, even though Sven had ACL surgery halfway through the summer. Let the northern lights and dog mushing tours begin!


Puppy pen

A new puppy pen has long been on the agenda. This summer finally saw it happen. Now there is plenty of room for new litters to run around. It’s currently occupied by Mowgli and Baloo, two energetic little rascals, who are comfortable and ready to greet you with lots of love (and horseplay). In the future, there are plans to add a puppy wheel to help train the future athletes. These Alaskan sled dogs in training love visitors, so come on by! Also, look at for some more sled dog puppies in the near future - Mama Mudslide is expecting.


New grass

Even though snow covers the ground outside of the northern lights viewing yurts the majority of the time, grass was planted this year so guests could enjoy a prettier entrance upon arrival to Arctic Winter Adventures. A lot of TLC was put into these tender shoots, and much pride is shown when it’s time to cut the grass. Now the gravel paths are lined with lush green grass, an area where the sled dogs are not allowed to do their training.


Painting the container

No, it’s not going to be a tiny home. But it will be a storage unit for dog food, harnesses, dog mushing training gear, and more! After acquiring this shipping container, it didn’t take long to decide to turn the rusty red exterior into something a little more eye catching. Luckily a visiting friend from Wales is an artist! She painted the container white, a process that took three coats, and then expertly crafted the Arctic Winter Adventures logo on the front. As soon as the first snow blankets the ground, the logo will look like it’s floating.


Boys and their toys

This summer brought several large pieces of machinery up to the hill, much to the delight of the young male friends from Switzerland who all love getting to drive. These machines helped with other projects like leveling a driveway, hauling poles for a new fence, flattening ground for a new garden, planting new trees, burning the sides of the house (intentionally), and carting around a girlfriend. Sven purchased a Bobcat which has made projects way more efficient. There’s never a dull moment at the Arctic Winter Adventures property, whether it’s summer or winter. But around here work is fun, and hard work is always rewarded with good times and laughs.

Winter is just around the corner in Fairbanks, Alaska and the excitement is tangible. Sven, the crew, and all the Alaskan sled dogs can’t wait to get behind a sled as soon as the snow starts falling. More updates on mushing training season and sled dog race season coming soon!

Mandi SchmittComment