Mush your own team of Iditarod huskies into the most remote mountain range of Alaska, the Brooks Range! Sleep in authentic trapper cabins! Mush on frozen rivers and lakes! Build a strong bond with your dogs as they’ll take you on a ride of a lifetime! Join Arctic Winter Adventures and meet your guides and dog teams in Bettles, Alaska, your headquarters for Adventure!

  • Tour dates: March 15th – April 15th, 2020

  • Enjoy the power of these dogs as they just finish their race season.

  • Mush your own team of 4-6 dogs

  • Alaska wilderness at its best.

  • Breathtaking scenery

  • “Hands-on” tour. Feed and care for your team

  • Flight with 9 Passenger caravan to and from Bettles

  • Food and Arctic Gear included

  • Small groups only (4 people max)

  • 1 Night / Dinner / Breakfast at the Bettles Lodge before and after your adventure is included

All of our tour packages include a village tour with Bettles Lodge owner Eric Fox. This is your opportunity to see a real “fly-in-only” village above the Arctic Circle.

No internet, no cell phones, no problems.

Choose your Adventure

The places you will get to explore are untouched all winter and don’t see any tourism throughout the year. AWA is the only Outfitter who offers trips to these parts of the world. It is very important to us to mandate a “leave no trace” attitude towards nature. We ask all our guests to respect the Brooks Range as sacred grounds so future Generations can enjoy this wonderful playground just as much as we do.

Let AWA guide and take care of it all. Come and enjoy the peace, quiet and solitude of the Brooks Range with our incredible dogs. No city noise, no meetings, no stress and wander back in time with us to places where simplicity matters most and travel the trails as they did thousands of years ago. We promise you that you’ll get back to your daily life as a changed person, revitalized, energized and with eyes that have experienced the true meaning of simple living.